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18650 rechargeable lithium bat

PROS18650 2.0Ah(5C)

Product description:PROS18650 2.0Ah(5C) Model: PROS18650 2.0Ah(5C) Size: H:65.10.2mm;D:18.40.2mm. General performance: Battery Impedance: 162m Nominal Voltage: 3.6V Minimum Capacity: 2000mAh( 0.5C to 2.75V cut-off ) Battery Weight: 441g Charge Ending...
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PROS18650 2.0Ah(5C)   
Model: PROS18650 2.0Ah(5C)   
Size: H:65.1±0.2mm;D:18.4±0.2mm.
General performance:   
Battery Impedance:                      16±2mΩ
Nominal Voltage:                       3.6V
Minimum Capacity:                     2000mAh( 0.5C to 2.75V cut-off )
Battery Weight:                          44±1g
Charge Ending Voltage:                  4.20±0.05V
Charge Ending Current:                  0.02C
Standard Charging Current:              0.5C
Fast Charging Circuit:                   1.0C
Standard Discharging Current:            0.5C
Max. Continue Discharging Current:       5C
Ending Voltage of discharging:             2.75V
Max. Moment Discharging Current:       10C(<20S)
Cycle life:
Test method:25±2℃ condition,0.5C CC/CV to 4.20+/-0.05V,0.02C cut-off;rest 5min;5C CC to 2.75V;rest 15min;recycle until the successive three times capacity are the first capacity’ s 70%, the life is ending.
Standard: 300times cycles discharging capacity≥70% first capacity
Storage Temperature:
One month:  -20-60℃; Six months:  -20-45℃; Twelve months: -20-25℃
Working Temperature of charging and discharging:
Discharge:At -20-60℃,Load resistance 16±2mΩ,Cut-off 2.75V。
Charge: At 0℃-10℃(0.2C),10℃-45℃(0.5C),Load resistance 19±2mΩ,Cut-off 4.20±0.05V.
Humidity: <85%RH.   
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