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Goodcell Battery
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Alkaline dry cell

GOODCELL battery LR6

Product description:GOODCELL battery LR6 Standard:GB/T 8897.2 ...
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GOODCELL battery LR6                                                      
Standard:GB/T 8897.2                                                      
Battery Performance:                                                      
Nominal Voltage:  1.5V                                                   
Service Life:      5 years                                               
Average Weight:   23±0.5g                                                 
Discharge Time:    350mins                                                   
Working Environment:                                                      
Discharge Condition:At 20±2℃, Load resistance 3.9Ω, 24h/d, Cut-off 0.9V   
Core Material:                                                            
1.Chemistry composition:Anode: MnO2, Cathode: Mercury-free zinc powders, Electrolyte: KOH     
2. Chemical Structure: New green energy of environmental protection 0%Mercury/0%Lead/0%Cadmium.
1.Please do not recharge the battery cell, hazardous may occur or may caused leakage.         
2. Beware of battery polarity during installation, avoid wrong polarity installation           
3. Please do not short-circuit, heat up, dispose of in fire or dissect of battery              
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