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Dry batteries are long and safe to use
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How to buy and use dry batteries correctly and make them last longer and safer?



Pay attention to durability and shelf life when buying dry batteries.Flash, camera, MP4, electric toys, such as the need for high current output appliances, it is best to choose alkaline zinc-manganese battery (L);Remote control, watches and other general demand for electricity appliances, the use of ordinary zinc-manganese battery can.Ordinary zinc-manganese batteries generally have a shelf life of two years.Do not blindly believe in foreign brands, in fact, many domestic brands have been more cost-effective than similar foreign products.Choose and buy mercury-free batteries as far as possible, and recycle batteries through scientific and standardized ways to reduce the harm and pollution of batteries.



When using the dry battery, the contact parts of the electrical appliances and batteries should be clean, be sure to confirm the polarity (" + "and" - ") during installation, and install and use the recommended battery according to the instructions;Do not mix old and new batteries at the same time, and do not mix batteries of the same type but of different electrochemical types or brands. Otherwise, some batteries in a group of batteries will be in the state of overdischarge during the use, thus increasing the possibility of leakage;The disposable battery can not be regenerated by heating or charging, otherwise it may explode.Do not short-circuit the battery to avoid battery leakage or heat damage to the insulation.When the electric appliance is not used for a long time, the battery should be removed in time and the power should be turned off after use.

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