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How should carbon battery and alkaline battery choose after
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Now whether to store or online to buy batteries, full of beautiful things in eyes of various brands, a variety of specifications of the battery, but is actually nothing more alkaline batteries and carbon battery two kinds big.So what is good with alkaline batteries or carbon batteries, which requires us to understand the difference between the two, to make a choice.

Alkaline battery is the most successful high capacity dry battery and one of the most cost-effective batteries.Alkaline battery is manganese dioxide for the positive electrode, zinc for the negative electrode, potassium hydroxide for the electrolyte.Its characteristics are better than carbon batteries, large capacity.


Alkaline batteries used in structure in batteries instead of electrode structure, increasing the positive and negative electrode relative area, and with a high conductivity of potassium hydroxide solution replaced ammonium chloride, zinc chloride solution, and also by the cathode zinc flake changed into granular, increases the negative reaction area, combined with the high performance of electrolytic manganese powder, so the performance can be greatly improved, in general, the same types of alkaline batteries is common battery capacity and discharge time 3 to 7 times, low temperature performance of the gap is bigger, alkaline batteries more suitable for the requirement for high current continuous discharge, and the working voltage of the electricity situation,Especially suitable for camera, flash, shaver, electric toy, CD player, high power remote control, wireless mouse, keyboard, etc.

Because such batteries do not contain mercury, they can be disposed of as household waste and do not need to be deliberately recycled.

Carbon battery full name: neutral zinc - manganese dioxide dry battery, belongs to the chemical power source of the galvanic battery, is a disposable battery.This chemical power supply is also called a dry battery because its electrolyte is a paste that does not flow, as opposed to a battery with a flowing electrolyte.Carbon batteries are not only suitable for flashlight, conductor radio, tape-recorder, camera, electronic clock, toys, but also for national defense, scientific research, telecommunications, navigation, aviation, medicine and other fields of the national economy.Carbon batteries are mainly used for low consumption electrical appliances, such as clocks, wireless mouse and other large consumption electrical appliances should use alkaline batteries, such as cameras, some cameras alkaline also do not hold, that need to use nickel-metal hydride.


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