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Logistics testing AGV/RGV car lithium battery
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This application program monitors the voltage, charge and discharge current of each lithium battery cell and the temperature at the test point in real time. Based on the above data, it completes the detection and protection of over voltage, under voltage, over current, short circuit and other safety states to realize the management of 13 lithium battery packs.

Description of protection system and functions:


1. The system is mainly composed of 13 strings of 2 and 26 PCS of 18650 2500mAh original lithium battery cell group of product A, plus the battery management chip protection plate.




2. Overcharge protection: through the overvoltage protection detection circuit of the battery protection panel, the voltage change of each battery in the battery charging process can be detected in real time. When the voltage of any battery reaches the set value, the signal will be sent out to stop charging mos-fet and cut off the charging circuit to prevent the battery from overcharging.



3. Temperature protection function: when the circuit detects that the battery temperature is too high, exceeding 70℃(adjustable), the system disconnects the charging and discharging circuit, and the charging and discharging of the battery is prohibited for the purpose of temperature protection.

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