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Portable solar backup power supply design scheme
Release time:2020-01-10 13:29Views:
The portable solar standby power source takes solar energy as the conversion source, converts solar energy into electric energy, and stores the electric energy through lithium batteries, so as to achieve the purpose of outdoor power supply for mobile digital products.The whole product adopts a single large-capacity lithium battery as the energy storage device, and the charging adopts a double-layer charging mode: that is, the solar panel receives the sun's rays for charging and the charger for charging two-way charging mode.The output is 5V.The maximum output current can reach 2A, which can meet the power supply demand of relevant digital products.Accurate LED power display, always effectively display the remaining battery power to the user in the form of LED lights according to the accurate percentage, in order to achieve the purpose of efficient and intuitive.
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